Vasectomy is the most effective method of contraception.

What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure of permanent male contraception. During the procedure, the male vas deferens are ligated and crossed to prevent sperm from entering the urethra, thereby preventing fertilization during intercourse.

Vasectomy is the most effective permanent form of contraception available to men.

What is a vasectomy without a scalpel?

Vasectomy without a scalpel is a method of operation in which a sharp clamp is used instead of a scalpel. This method has become widely used, as the result is a smaller "incision", or a stab wound, which usually prevents bleeding and hematomas. In addition, such a wound is less likely to become infected, and heals faster, compared to large, longer incisions made with a scalpel. This method usually does not require suturing. This method of operation is the most commonly performed type of minimally invasive vasectomy.

 вазэктомия без скальпеля, уролог киев, цена консультация врача андролога в киеве, врач уролог анонимно недорого

Vasectomy clamps:

Вазэктомия без скальпеля
1. Clamp with sharp ends.
2. Clamp for capturing the vas deferens.

Before you decide to have a vasectomy, you need to come
to the urologist for the initial appointment.

The initial appointment with a urologist involves careful medical history taking and examination.

The doctor will ask about your circumstances. Most likely, you will be taken for surgery if you are over 30 years old and you have children.

In some cases, it is necessary to provide a certificate from a narcologist-psychiatrist, the consent of relatives, and possibly the results of consultation with other specialists in writing.

If you have a partner, discuss with him/her that you want to do a vasectomy - before making a decision.

After you have a vasectomy, it is very difficult to resume the process of natural fertilization. Therefore, until you are completely sure, use other methods of contraception which you can choose with your doctor.

A urologist-surgeon may deny a patient a vasectomy if he or she believes it is not in your interest.

Before prescribing surgery, the patient will need to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures, as surgery interventions are contraindicated.

Make an appointment for the first consultationon vasectomy or ask
questions about this procedure in urologist Leonid Maksymenko:

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Леонид Максименко уролог

Leonid Maksimenko

doctor - urologist, doctor of the highest category


Ukraine, Kiev, Glazunova Street, 3 (metro station Druzhby narodiv)

How should a patient prepare for a vasectomy?

Do not drink alcohol a week before the operation.
Reduce cigarette smoking to a minimum.
Before the operation, the following laboratory tests are performed:

General blood test
Blood glucose
HbsAg (hepatitis B)
RW (syphilis)
General analysis of urine

How do patients prepare for surgery in our medical centre?

The right choice of clinic is a guarantee of a successful operation.

2 3
Before the operation, the condition of the patient's organs and body systems is assessed in order to detect concomitant diseases in time (if any). Psychological training is carried out.
It is important to relieve the patient
of fear of surgery.
Before the operation, an allergy history is clarified (drug allergy).




"Vasectomy is a surgical excision of the vas deferens. Before the operation" vasectomy "local anesthesia is performed, which is achieved by the introduction of anesthetics into the scrotum.After the onset of anesthesia with a special instrument, the surgeon punctures the scrotum and makes a small incision. Then, using another tool, he removes the seminal duct and removes a small fragment of it. After coagulation, ligation and displacement of the ends of the ducts in different layers of scrotal tissue, the dissected ducts return to their original position".



уролог киев Леонид Максименко

Operating doctor - urologist,
doctor of the highest category Leonid Maksimenko
practicing since 2002

Вазэктомия стоимость
(стоимость указана за всю операцию, включая местную анестезию)

1 Vasectomy 15000 UAH
2 Preoperative consultation of a urologist 500 UAH

The course of surgery:

An operating field is being prepared (treatment of the scrotal skin with antiseptic solutions).
The surgeon determines the location of the vas deferens, captures it with two fingers, performs local anesthesia.
A skin incision is made over the seminiferous duct with a radio knife, the layers of skin are exfoliated with a clamp, the duct itself is separated, both ends are tied and crossed. For reliability, removal of a small segment of the vas deferens is recommended (although this is not considered necessary).
Similarly, cross the second vas deferens.
Wounds are closed with a special plaster, or self-absorbing sutures are applied.

Вазэктомия: операция под местной анестезией.
Микродоступ, без крови

After the surgery:

Usually within a few days after vasectomy there is a slight discomfort and swelling of the scrotum.
During the first few ejaculations after a vasectomy, there is sometimes blood in the semen. It's not scary.
Wear tight-fitting underwear for the first few days to help support the scrotum and relieve any discomfort or swelling.
You can usually take a shower after the operation - consult your doctor first.
You can usually return to work 1-2 days after the vasectomy, but you should avoid sports and hard work for at least a week after the procedure to prevent complications.
You can have sex again 5-7 days after the operation. You will need to use other methods of contraception for 6-8 weeks, until the result of the control spermogram.

During rehabilitation, it is important to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, to avoid complications:

  • Adhere daily hygiene;
  • Touch the place of the procedure as little as possible;
  • Treat the postoperative wound daily with an antiseptic prescribed by a urologist-surgeon;
  • Abstain from intense physical activity and sexual intercourse for as long as your doctor recommends;
  • Visit a doctor 8-10 days after surgery - no matter how you feel. This is necessary to control the wound healing process.

Unfounded fears:

Many men are worried that a vasectomy can cause serious problems, but these fears are unfounded.

ВАЗЭКТОМИЯ операция, услуги уролдога киев, цена консультации врача андролога

For example, a vasectomy will not:

Influence your sexual capabilities. A vasectomy will not affect your libido or your courage in any way, except that it will not allow you to have a baby. Men have even reported higher sexual pleasure after vasectomy.
Inflict irreversible damage to your genitals. There is very little risk that your testicles, penis or other parts of your reproductive system will be damaged during surgery. In extremely rare cases, damage to the blood supply can lead to loss of the testicle, but this is unlikely to happen if your surgeon is qualified.
Increase the risk of some cancers. Although there have been some concerns among physicians in the past about a possible link between vasectomy and testicular or prostate cancer, there is no proven real link.
Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. As with the fear of cancer, there is no link between vasectomy and heart problems.
Cause severe pain. After the operation you may have pain, but in most men they are insignificant and pass in a few days.

Benefits of vasectomy:

  • Vasectomy is more than 100% effective in preventing pregnancy;
  • Surgery does not affect hormone levels, sexual desire and does not interfere with sex;
  • The procedure is simple, performed under local anesthesia and does not require long-term rehabilitation;
  • Male sterilization is easier and safer than female, and may be an alternative to female sterilization.
Преимущества вазэктомии, операция в киеве, услуги уролога, консультация врача андролога, урологические операции

No hospitalization required

Operations are performed
without a scalpel

The doctor is always
in touch, 24/7

5 Steps to your health!

Step 1
You make an appointment.
Step 2
At the first visit, the doctor will consult you.
Step 3
You are undergoing surgery.
Step 4
You follow the recommendations. Follow-up examination by a doctor.
Step 5
Your sex life is under control!

What gives a vasectomy?

This is the most reliable, modern and affordable form of contraception.
Freedom from fear of unwanted pregnancy.
Better sex life.
Positive impact on marriage.
Improving partnerships.
Awareness of taking responsibility for contraception.

If you have any questions, make an appointment (consultation):


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+38 (044) 355-17-17


Mon. - Fri.: 8:00 - 19:00
Sat.: 8:00 - 16:00
Sun.: day off

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Vasectomy - is a safe and effective choice of contraceptives for men who are sure that
they do not want to have a child in the future.

The cost of a vasectomy is much less than the cost of female sterilization (tubal ligation) or the long-term cost of contraceptives for women.
A man who has consciously chosen a surgical procedure such as a vasectomy must be 100% sure of his decision.
Vasectomy is almost irreversible: it is a permanent prevention of conception. However, today operations are performed using microsurgical techniques, which are aimed at restoring male fertility after sterilization, but the success of reversibility of the operation is not guaranteed.
After a vasectomy, the man's sterility is not achieved immediately, but only after some time, about three months or after 25 ejaculations.


Alex Ein

июнь 2020 г.

Созрел на вазэктомию, по отзывам вышел на Леонида Алексеевича, получил подробную консультацию и описание процесса процедуры, на месте сдал анализы и через неделю прошел процедуру. Доктор и ассистентка были максимально корректны и обходительны, операция прошла успешно и без осложнений. Получил ряд рекомендаций.
На днях сняли швы, я доволен :)

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