Foreskin bridle plastic surgery

пластика уздечки крайней плоти киев

The frenulum of the penis is a thin, elastic strip of skin that connects the foreskin and the glans penis. It is located on the back surface of the glans penis and normally does not interfere with its opening when the foreskin is lowered, and also ensures that the glans penis returns to the closed position after exposure. In this case, the penis is not bent and no pain occurs.

A short frenulum is a pathology in which the frenulum is of insufficient length, which leads to its excessive tension. During intercourse, a short frenulum, stretching, causes discomfort and even severe pain. There is also a risk of tearing the frenulum, which leads to scarring and further shortening of the frenulum. The short frenulum is stretched very poorly, which prevents the glans penis from being exposed during an erection. In addition, with a short frenulum, the risk of frenulum infection and the development of inflammatory diseases increases. This pathology can be congenital and acquired. Congenital abnormality is diagnosed during puberty of a child. The difficulty is that teenagers do not talk about this problem because of shyness, and for the first time they realize that something is wrong during the first intimacy. Penile frenulum defects are not only a big problem for the man, for whom repeated ruptures and bleedings entail incessant pain and scarring. A man with such problems will hardly be able to satisfy a woman, because along with pain, he will have to overcome the psychological and emotional fear of another rupture of the frenulum. All this entails serious problems in the relationship and an inferior sex life of the couple. A short frenulum can cause premature ejaculation, and in the future may lead to a decreased libido.

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Initial appointment with a urologist

The initial appointment with a urologist involves a thorough history taking and examination. The diagnosis is established by visual examination. However, before the appointment of the operation, the patient will need to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures, since this pathology has contraindications.

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уролог Киев Леонид Максименко


How does a patient prepare for surgery?

These tips are worth listening to!

Do not drink alcohol for a week before the operation.
Reduce cigarette smoking to a minimum.
Before the operation, the following laboratory tests are taken:

Urine test

All tests can be taken in our clinic!

In some cases, after the diagnosis, the operation may be postponed.
If the examination and diagnostics confirm the preliminary diagnosis of "short frenulum" and do not reveal any contraindications to the operation for its plastic surgery, the urologist will appoint a frenulotomy, which will eliminate the pathology.



The main indications for frenulotomy are:

pain during intercourse;
damage to the frenulum with bleeding during or after intercourse;
feeling of strong tension in the area of ​​the glans penis;
increased sensitivity of the glans penis;
premature ejaculation;
the appearance of cracks;
the formation of cicatricial tears of the frenulum;
during arousal, the patient experiences discomfort due to tissue tension;
the head is bent towards the bridle (down).

If you feel any discomfort in the area of the frenulum, or pain, it is better not to postpone and consult a specialist.

Urologists use minimally invasive surgery, which is as painless and safe as possible for the patient. And this became possible thanks to the use of modern equipment, in particular, a radio knife.

A radio knife is a machine that uses high frequency radio waves to perform surgery. The waves are directed to the tissues using an electrode that concentrates the energy of the radio waves. This energy destroys cellular structures, they seem to evaporate, which eliminates bleeding.

Radio Knife Benefits:

No bleeding.
Side effects are unlikely.
No scars.
No sutures required.
Flawless cosmetic effect.
Short healing period.
You can do tissue histology if necessary.

Радионож, преимущества радионожа, пластика короткой уздечки, урологические операции киев
Radio Knife

Why radio knife is better than laser:

Allows you to control the depth of penetration of the device beam into the dermis as accurately as possible.
The area of damage to the surrounding tissue is 10 times smaller.
The recovery period is faster.


How do we prepare a patient for surgery?

The right choice of clinic is a guarantee of a successful operation

1 2 3
Before the surgery, the condition of the organs and systems of the patient's body is assessed in order to identify concomitant diseases in time. Psychological preparation of the patient is carried out. It is important to relieve the patient of fear before the surgery. Before the surgery, an allergic
history (allergy to medicines)
is clarified.



How is the surgery done?

"The surgery lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia, therefore, the patient does not feel pain. The plastic surgery is performed as follows: - after the anesthetic has acted, the frenulum of the foreskin is cut across with a radio knife, and it is excised edges. There is no need for suturing when performing this technique, since the edges of the wound are compared independently. After the operation, the patient does not need to stay in the clinic".



Оперирующий доктор – уролог

Operating doctor - urologist, doctor
of the highest category Leonid Maksimenko

practicing since 2002

Plastic frenulum of the foreskin (Kyiv)

Пластика уздечки крайней плоти
Plastic frenulum of the foreskin

Пластика Уздечки крайней плоти без швов
Plastic frenulum of the foreskin without sutures

Пластика уздечки крайней плоти - уздечка очень короткая
Plastic frenulum of the foreskin - bridle is very short ...
Пластика короткой уздечки и коррекция крайней плоти
Frenuloplasty and correction foreskin. WITHOUT SEAMS.

Пластика уздечки крайней плоти без швов
Plastic frenulum of the foreskin (frenulotomy) -


Foreskin bridle plastic surgery cost
(the price is for the whole operation, including local anesthesia)

Foreskin bridle plastic surgery 4600 UAH
2 Preoperative consultation of a urologist 500 UAH

After operation:

Feelings of discomfort and pain are natural after the foreskin bridle plastic surgery has been done. But usually after 1-2 days after the operation, the patient ceases to experience them. Erection pain in the first days of rehabilitation recovery is also natural. So that the frenulum is not injured during arousal, sedatives may be prescribed by a doctor. To avoid inflammatory processes and infection in the region of the frenulum, local antibacterial drugs are prescribed. Healing of the postoperative wound occurs in 4-7 days.

During rehabilitation, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor so that there are no complications:

daily hygiene;
touch the operated organ as little as possible;
daily treat the postoperative wound with an antiseptic;
refrain from intense physical activity and sexual intercourse;
visit a doctor 8-10 days after the operation - this is necessary to control the wound healing process;
two to three weeks after frenulotomy, a man can already lead a habitual sex life.

Prediction. What do you get as a result:

100% relief from pain and discomfort;
100% exclusion of a break that could occur with a short length of the bridle;
an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse;
improving the quality of intimate life, getting rid of fears;
increased self-esteem;
improvement of the psychological state.


Why should you have surgery in our clinic?

If you have any questions, sign up for a consultation

No hospitalization required Operations are done
with radio knife
The doctor is always in touch 24/7

Тщательный послеоперационный уход

Thorough postoperative care

5 steps to your health!

Step 1
You are making an appointment.

Step 2
At the first visit, the doctor consults you, establishes a clinical diagnosis. If necessary, additional laboratory testing is carried out. The doctor decides on the need for surgical treatment.

Step 3
You have a surgery.

Step 4
You are bandaged on the postoperative wound.

Step 5
You are healthy! The doctor writes preventive recommendations.


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