Vasectomy price Kyiv

Vasectomy price KyivVasectomy price Kyiv: how much does a vasectomy cost in Kyiv?

The vasectomy (vasoresection) procedure itself is not complicated and lasts only about 20-40 minutes.

It is done under local anesthesia, without general anesthesia.

As a rule, further stay in the clinic after this operation is not required, the patient can go home immediately.

The cost of the procedure depends on the qualifications of the operating doctor, on the medicines and technologies used, as well as on the level and status of the clinic.

The price of a vasectomy is indicated in the section "Vasectomy".

The price includes:

  • the procedure,
  • local anesthesia,
  • expendable materials.

The price of a vasectomy in Kyiv: let's clarify some questions:

"The more expensive the cost of a vasectomy, the better it will be done."

The high price of the procedure does not mean its quality. For example, the cost of the operation will include the service, the costs of the medical institution for the patient's care. If a clinic offers a high level of service (including, for example, expensive status furniture), the cost of service in it is likely to be more expensive, although the level of quality services is the same as in a medical institution with a lower price, but with a simpler setting.

"The low cost of a vasectomy suggests that it may not be done well."

Yes, it is possible. If the cost is noticeably lower than the average market price, and the reputation of the clinic or the doctors in charge is questionable, then, alas, you can save on the procedure, but harm your own health.

Vasectomy (vasoresection) price Kyiv: how to estimate the cost?

When choosing a doctor and a clinic for a vasectomy, pay attention first of all to the qualifications of the doctor, his reputation, reviews, as well as how the urologist addresses you at the preliminary consultation. A good doctor will always approach the patient attentively and politely, and explain the information clearly for you. A good clinic means clean rooms, tidy, professional and polite staff, and the availability of everything you need: equipment, tools, medicines, materials. The task of the price is to be adequate.

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