Circumcision of the foreskin (circumcision) is a safe and simple surgical procedure that is performed not only in a hospital, but also on an outpatient basis. It can be indicated for health reasons, as a prevention of diseases of the reproductive system, and is also used for aesthetic, ethical and religious reasons.

The main medical indication for circumcision is phimosis, a disease in which there is a narrowing of the foreskin that does not allow opening the glans penis. With phimosis, hygiene of the penis is difficult, problems with urination and sexual life may occur, and complications may develop. Circumcision of the foreskin in this case is a reliable, effective, and often the only way to treat phimosis. In order for the operation to go without complications, it must be carried out by a highly qualified specialist.

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Thanks a lot to the team of professionals! Leonid Alekseevich thank you very much for the jewelry work, for the high-quality and fast operation!!!! "big ship big voyage" these are your words!)))) So I wish you and your clinic many self-confident patients! After all, I visited more than one clinic and settled on yours. Now I am very satisfied and I advise everyone who doubts to be confident in the professionalism of this clinic!!! I highly recommend!

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Initial appointment with a urologist

The initial appointment with a urologist involves a thorough history taking and examination. The diagnosis is established by visual examination. However, before the appointment of the operation, the patient will need to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures, since this pathology has contraindications.

How does a patient prepare for surgery?

These tips are worth listening to!

Before the operation, the following laboratory tests are taken:

urine test

All tests can be taken in our clinic!

In some cases, after the diagnosis, the operation may be postponed.
If the examination and diagnostics confirm the preliminary diagnosis of phimosis and do not reveal contraindications to the operation for its plastic surgery, the urologist will prescribe a frenulotomy, which will eliminate the pathology.

A few days before the operation «Circumcision»:

At the initial consultation, the urologist will explain the course of the operation, the rules of conduct during the procedure, as well as how to behave in the postoperative period in order to avoid possible complications after surgery.

Patients task: tell the doctor at the initial consultation:

  • about their chronic diseases;
  • what medications are you currently taking (if any). It is possible that some of the drugs may increase the risk of bleeding or interact with anesthesia. Your doctor will tell you which medications you can continue to take and which you will have to stop taking for a while;
  • whether there were, or are now any allergic reactions

Many patients plan to have surgery on a Friday as there are 2 days off ahead of them to devote to rest and recovery. This is wise, but not critically.

In the first 2-3 days after the operation, it is important to refrain from running, lifting weights (and other physical activities), as well as from tight clothing.

Clothing recommendations: as comfortable as possible, loose, breathable (soft, natural fabrics are best).

Before the operation «Circumcision»:

  • it is necessary to completely exclude alcohol 5-7 days before the operation, and within 2-3 (and preferably 3-5) days after.
  • on the day of surgery, reduce cigarette smoking to a minimum (if possible, it is better not to smoke at all on this day).
  • shave pubic hair and scrotum.
  • for 6 hours before the operation, you can not eat, and it is advisable to limit the drinking regimen (you can drink water in small quantities).
  • do not drink coffee, tea, and other drinks containing caffeine, or any other tonic ingredients 6 hours before the operation.

These are the basic recommendations for local anesthesia, which are performed both before circumcision and during other operations.

!!! Follow doctor's instructions for restrictions.

If you arrive, for example, having had a hearty lunch, the operation will be cancelled.

Take your passport with you to sign the consent form and the health care contract.

We are located in the city of Kyiv. If you are from another city (or country), it is absolutely realistic to have an operation with us. The only recommendation is to rest for about 3-5 hours after the operation, and not to go on the road immediately after the procedure. To do this, it is best to rent a hotel room for a day, or an apartment (daily rental apartment).


The main indications for the operation are:

циркумцизия киев цена

pain during intercourse;
the glans penis is exposed with difficulty or not exposed at all, depending on the degree of phimosis;
the development of paraphimosis, which occurs as a result of infringement of the glans penis by the foreskin;
increased sensitivity of the glans penis;
sexual disorders in the form of premature ejaculation (ejaculation) or insufficient duration of sexual intercourse (when the foreskin is circumcised, the sensitivity of the penis decreases);
the appearance of cracks in the area of  inner leaf of the foreskin;
cicatricial changes in the foreskin that occur after an injury or bruise, which can interfere with sexual activity;
prevention of sexually transmitted infections: after circumcision, the reservoir is removed, where smegma accumulates, which is a breeding ground for infection;
dysfunctions of urination caused by inflammation in the area of glans penis;
traumatic deformation of the foreskin;
papillomas of  the glans penis and foreskin.

Urologists use minimally invasive surgery, which is as painless and safe as possible for the patient. And this became possible thanks to the use of modern equipment, in particular, a radio knife.

A radio knife is a machine that uses high frequency radio waves to perform surgery. The waves are directed to the tissues using an electrode that concentrates the energy of the radio waves. This energy destroys cellular structures, they seem to evaporate, which eliminates bleeding.

Radio Knife Benefits:

no bleeding.
side effects are unlikely.
no scars.
no sutures required.
flawless cosmetic effect.
short healing period.
you can do tissue histology if necessary.

где сделать обрезание крайней плоти
Radio Knife

Why radio knife is better than laser:

allows you to control the depth of penetration of the device beam into the dermis as accurately as possible.
the area of damage to the surrounding tissue is 10 times smaller.
the recovery period is faster.

How do we prepare a patient for surgery?

The right choice of clinic is a guarantee of a successful operation

1 2 3
Before the surgery, the condition of the organs and systems of the patient's body is assessed in order to identify concomitant diseases in time. Psychological preparation of the patient is carried out. It is important to relieve the patient of fear before the surgery. Before the surgery, an allergic
history (allergy to medicines)
is clarified.




"The operation lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia, therefore, the patient does not feel pain. For anesthesia, we use microneedles, the puncture of which is not felt. Circumcision is performed with a radio wave scalpel, which is used in European and Israeli clinics. Due to the thinnest incision, there is no bleeding, and during dressings - pain (thanks to the use of self-absorbable threads, it is not necessary to remove the sutures). Bacteria are killed under the action of radio rays, which makes the operation safe".




Operating doctor - urologist,
doctor of the highest category Leonid Maksimenko

practicing since 2002

Обрезание крайней плоти киев
Foreskin circumcision (circumcision)

Circumcision (surgery)


Circumcision of the foreskin cost
(the price is for the whole operation, including local anesthesia)

1 Circumcision 15000 hryvnias
2 Preoperative consultation of a urologist 500 hryvnias

How the operation is done

обрезание крайней плоти Киев

Circumcision of the foreskin (circumcision) is an operation that can be performed on an outpatient basis at any age. Before circumcision, some preparation is necessary - you need to shave off the pubic hair.The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia. A circumcision line is marked on the foreskin so that the skin is separated symmetrically and has an aesthetically pleasing result. The most optimal method of circumcision of the foreskin, in our opinion, is the "double incision" technique. It consists in the fact that the outer and inner sheets of the foreskin are dissected with a scalpel with two circular incisions, and the tissue of the foreskin between them is then removed. In this way, it is possible to accurately measure and mark as much of the foreskin as is necessary to perform one of the types of circumcision, at the request of the patient. And the matching of the edges will be perfect, which eliminates the appearance of postoperative scars. A bandage is applied to the wound to protect against contamination and prevent swelling. The use of modern equipment for the circumcision procedure makes it possible to perform the operation more sparingly and bloodlessly, acting on the tissues pointwise, without affecting unnecessary areas and without injuring them. A couple of hours after the operation, when the effect of anesthesia has completely passed, the patient can return home.

  • We use modern anti-allergic anesthetics;
  • We use "Vikril" - a new generation of self-absorbable suture material;
  • After 10-12 days, the seam will dissolve on its own;
  • Postoperative support: after the operation, the doctor advises you until the suture is completely healed. 

After operation:

Feelings of discomfort and pain are natural after a frenuloplasty has been performed. But usually after 1-2 days after the operation, the patient ceases to experience them. Erection pain in the first days of rehabilitation recovery is also natural. So that the frenulum is not injured during arousal, sedatives may be prescribed by a doctor. To avoid inflammatory processes and infection in the region of the frenulum, local antibacterial drugs are prescribed. Healing of the postoperative wound occurs in 10-14 days.
During rehabilitation, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor so that there are no complications:
daily hygiene;
touch the operated organ as little as possible;
daily treat the postoperative wound with an antiseptic;
refrain from intense physical activity and sexual intercourse;
visit a doctor 8-10 days after the operation - this is necessary to control the wound healing process;
1 month after circumcision, a man can already have a habitual sex life.
Circumcision videoPrediction. What do you get as a result:
100% relief from pain and discomfort;
improving the quality of intimate life, getting rid of fears;
increased self-esteem;
improvement of the psychological state;
reducing the risk of sexual infections;
prevention of malignant tumors;
the duration of sexual intercourse increases due to coarsening of the head.

Why should you have surgery in our clinic?

If you have any questions, sign up for a consultation

Не требуется госпитализация Операции выполняются с помощью «радионожа»
Врач всегда на связи 24/7
No hospitalization required Operations are done
with radio knife
The doctor is always in touch 24/7

Тщательный послеоперационный уход

Thorough postoperative care

5 steps to your health!

Step 1
You are making an appointment.

Step 2
At the first visit, the doctor consults you, establishes a clinical diagnosis. If necessary, additional laboratory testing is carried out. The doctor decides on the need for surgical treatment.

Step 3
You have a surgery.

Step 4
You undergo outpatient treatment, follow practical recommendations under the direct dynamic supervision of a doctor.

Step 5
You are healthy! The doctor writes preventive recommendations.


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A man who has had an operation in our clinic becomes self-confident.

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